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Blogger or model? The story of Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas: Early years

Paytas was born in Riverside, California, the son of Frank and Lena. (née Kant). Her parents divorced when she was three, after which she moved to Illinois with her mother. Paytas grew up outside of Rockford, Illinois, in Freeport. From 1996 to 2003, she lived in Byron. At 15, Paytas moved to California to live with her father and brother and enrolled in Catholic's online school program. She returned to Illinois to live with her mother at the age of 16, attending high school in Pecatonica. She graduated from Pecatonica High School in 2006, where she was a cheerleader, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting the day after she graduated.

Trisha Paytas career

2006-2012: Beginning on YouTube

After moving to Los Angeles to continue her acting career, Payatas started modelling lingerie professionally and worked as a stripper and escort to support herself. She attempted to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for the fastest speaker in the world, but failed to break the record. In 2006, Paytas made her first television appearance as a correspondent on The Greg Behrendt Show. She appeared on the show for its entire thirteen-episode run before it was cancelled after only one season aired. The following year, 2007, she appeared in the second season of Who Wants to be a Superhero? Paytas played Miss Limelight. She was on the show for four episodes, although she was eliminated from the competitive part of the show in the third episode. On 3 January 2007, Paytas launched her YouTube channel "blndsundoll4mj". The channel was originally dedicated to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, whom Tricia idolised, but soon after its creation Paytas focused on other types of videos. Blndsundoll4mj mainly gives fashion, beauty and relationship advice videos.

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From 2008 to 2010, Paytas appeared in TV shows including The Price Is Right (2008), The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2011), Jane by Design (2011), Huge (2011) and Modern Family (2011) among others. She portrayed Jessica Simpson in Eminem's 2009 video We Made You. She also appeared as a background dancer for rapper MIA at the Scream Awards in 2010. Later, in 2010, she appeared in the video for "Playing the Part" by Jamie Johnson, "A Girl's Got to Do What a Girl's Got to Do" by Barbwire, and "Tears Are Dried By Themselves" by Amy Winehouse. Paytas appeared in the Guns N 'Roses' video tour, playing a girl mobster. Paytas appeared in the Les Savy Fav music video for their song 'Sleepless in Silverlake' and played Marilyn Monroe. In 2012, she played a stripper in the music video for The All-American Rejects' song Beekeeper's Daughter. Paytas appeared in a 2010 episode of My Strange Addiction as a self-proclaimed tanner. Despite knowing she was highly likely to develop skin cancer, later the following year, in 2011, she appeared in an episode of Millionaire's Matchmaker, but was not accepted.

2013-2016: Internet success and music releases

During this time, Paytas made several "trolling" videos, which she told Business Insider were a way to "put herself out there" to attract more attention and views. These are videos claiming that dogs don't have brains or that she voted for the 2012 Republican candidate for US president, Mitt Romney.

June. In 2014, Paytas created a companion channel, TrishasLife, later Trisha Paytas, which featured personal video blogs. In turn, she started posting her more stylised or music videos on her main channel blndsundoll4mJ. She has also started posting mukbang sessions and meal videos. As of July 2017, she has over a billion views with over 2,500 uploads.

In 2014, Paytas starred alongside Richard Grieco in the 15-minute Viral Video. horror short film, which she co-produced. She also appeared in its sequel, Viral Video 2, in 2015.

On 26 November 2014, Paytas released her first single, a cover of Eartha Kitt's song "Santa. Baby ". She next released the video for the song "A Little Less Conversation " directed by Andrew Vallentine on 27 April and her debut EP "Fat Chicks" on 7 May, also directed by Vallentine. The video for "Fat Chicks" has been featured on sites such as Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post and Business Insider. Van Halen member David Lee Roth submitted a music video accompanying Paytas' cover of "Hot for Teacher".

On 29 June 2015, she released the mini-album Superficial Bitch. was released on 23 July. A second music video from the EP titled Leonardo DiCaprio was released on 7 August. The following year, in June 2016, Paytas released her fourth EP, Daddy Issues. It was her first EP to appear on an album. Billboard charts, debuting at number 25 on the Heatseekers Albums chart.