Well, Jennifer Lawrence bio can certainly make you feel surprised. Probably one of the most promising stars of the new generation.. Year 2023 will show how does she manage it


Why is Jennifer Lawrence model that popular? Treble Red Media
How did Jennifer Lawrence conquer the hearts of her followers with her hottest photos

Personal life

Later, the celebrity revealed that she suffered 2 miscarriages before getting pregnant. The first time it happened at the age of 20. The second time, she lost a baby on the set of the movie Don't Look Up.

With an enviable figure (Jennifer is 171 cm tall and weighs less than 60 kg), the actress has many times been recognized as one of the sexiest ladies of the world. Well, fans of the performer more than once convinced that the beauty is any haircut, style and hair colour. Every time, appearing on the red carpet, Jennifer surprises her followers with a new image.

In the fan-account of the actress in "Instagram" (social network is banned in Russia, it belongs to the corporation Meta, which is recognized in Russia as extremist), you can see photos in different ways: from casual looks to festive outfits and pictures from photo shoots in a swimming costume.

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2006 - City Company
2007 - Medium.
2008 - Blazing Plain.
2011 - "X-Men. First Class"
2012 - The Hunger Games.
2012 - My Boyfriend's a Psycho.
2012 - The House at the End of the Street.
2012 - The Devil You Know
2013 - The American Swindle.
♪ 2014 - "Serena" ♪
♪ 2015 - "Joy" ♪
2016 - "Passengers".
2017 - "Mama!"
2018 - "The Red Sparrow"
2019 - "X-Men: Dark Phoenix"
2019 - "Love, Antosha."
2021 - Don't Look Up

Interesting facts.

  • Jennifer is left-handed
  • As a child, the actress was a hyperactive child, and to channel the girl's energy, her parents advised her to take up sports. Lawrence chose softball, field hockey, basketball, in addition, she was a member of the cheerleading team.
  • The star has a small tattoo on her right arm, barely distinguishable from the colour of her skin, which is the chemical formula for water H2O.