After Paige Spiranac Onlyfans leaked pictures appeared on the web, her popularity skyrocketed. Probably one of the most promising stars of the new generation.. And most probably, in 2023 she can double her earnings!


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If golf has a sex symbol, it's Paige Spiranac!

A lot of people here think golf is a dull and misunderstood sport. Some rich guys walk on the lawn and hit balls with different clubs... What's interesting about it? But we'll convince you: golf is great and even hot. Meet Paige Spiranac, who has been called the sex symbol of the game around the world.

American Paige Spiranac has never been a world, national or even state champion. In fact, she has never even competed in an international tournament. This 28-year-old beauty has made a name for herself as a golf coach, fitness model and Instagram blogger with 3 million followers.

The rise of star Paige Spiranac 

Paige was born in the small town of Wheat Ridge, Colorado on March 26, 1993. She took to golf in high school and has even won a few teenage tournaments. But Spiranac never planned to take up the sport seriously. She was a gymnast and was making serious progress.

Her mother, a professional dancer, and her father, a footballer, were sure that their daughter would excel in sport. Her family's dream was that she would one day make the US Olympic team. At age 12 Paige had a bad fall at training and injured her kneecap. Doctors banned her from gymnastics, threatening her with a lifelong limp. Spiranac had to give up her dream and take up golf.

As in gymnastics, she put in a lot of hard work in golf. By high school, she was at the top of her peers and in college she captained the women's team. Paige's thing was accurate strokes and various clever tricks near the hole. One day, the girl made some videos and posted them on social media.

Thousands of comments appeared under the videos, in which users admired Paige and discussed her skills. Her fame online gave Spiranak confidence and she began to participate in major amateur championships. Then, becoming even more famous, she started giving golf lessons for good money.

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Coach, blogger, model 

One day Paige was offered a job as a model, and it worked. Since then, the athletic girl has positioned herself as a fitness model, sportswear and lingerie brands sign contracts with her. Spiranac spends a lot of time at the gym, actively keeping in shape what nature has generously endowed her with.

It's worth saying that the sex symbol of golf has not only fans, but also her haters. Many are annoyed that the girl has become a golf star without winning a single tee about the championship. Spiranac has been accused of "breast-feeding her way to success" and of over-sexualising a masculine and very conservative sport.

But Spiranac ignores the trolls and envious people - she is rich, smart, beautiful and in demand as a professional. In her personal life, too, the beauty is doing just fine. Admittedly, Paige does not like to talk about it and always avoids such questions in interviews.

Paige has some competitors, trying to take away her laurels as the sexiest. First of all, this is Lucy Robson from the UK, who is gradually winning over the audience in the U.S. with her masterful acting and spectacular looks.