Soviet and Russian ballerina, choreographer, choreographer, film actress, prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR in 1948-1990.


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Maya Plisetskaya was not only a brilliant ballerina who managed to conquer the whole world with dance, but also the most ordinary woman with her habits, hobbies, and small weaknesses

Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya is a great Russian ballerina, winner of many awards, actress, choreographer, strong, bright and talented woman. Maya Plisetskaya was destined by fate to belong to the world of art, since the bright talent of this outstanding star of the Russian ballet was largely predetermined by genes (ref.: Plisetskaya).


The girl was born on November 20, 1925 in Moscow in the family of actress Rachel Messerer and Mikhail Emmanuilovich Plisetsky. On the maternal side , there were several celebrities in Maya 's family at once: Aunt Sulamith Messerer and Uncle Assaf were ballet stars and enjoyed the special patronage of the leader. Aunt Elizabeth was an actress, and it is to her that little Maya owes her love for the theater. The mother of the future ballerina played in silent films, and her father had a more mundane profession, holding high economic positions under the government.

In 1932, the family moved to Svalbard, where Mikhail Plisetsky was first the director of Arktikugl, and then the consul of the USSR. In Svalbard, eleven-year-old Maya appeared on stage for the first time. She played a role in the opera "The Mermaid". After returning to the capital during her vacation in 1934, Plisetskaya was enrolled in the Moscow Choreographic School. It would seem that everything was going as well as possible, and the main dream of a teenage girl was close to being realized. However, the terrible year 1937 dashed all hopes.

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On May 1, Mikhail Emmanuilovich was arrested on suspicion of treason, and a year later he was shot without trial. Maya's father was rehabilitated posthumously, during the Khrushchev thaw. A year after the arrest of my father, my mother was also taken away, right from the hall of the Bolshoi Theater, where a performance was performed by her sister, Sulamifi. Rachel, along with Maya's baby brother, Azari, was exiled to Kazakhstan, and only in 1941 she managed to return to Moscow. Another son of the Plisetskys, Alexander, was sheltered by his uncle Asaf, twelve-year-old Maya was adopted by Aunt Sulmif, otherwise orphaned children were threatened by an orphanage.

Largely thanks to the efforts of her aunt, Maya not only survived this terrible tragedy, but also found the strength to get up to the ballet machine again, study and live on. The extraordinary natural artistry, flexibility, expressiveness, a fine sense of music and rhythm of the young Plisetskaya won her the favor of teachers. The day before the start of the war, the graduation concert took place, the first professional debut of the future prima ballerina.