This approach says that the probability of the future depends only on what is at the moment, the past cannot influence the possible outcome in any way.


MARKOV CHAIN Treble Red Media
The main tool on the basis of which mathematics in sports betting is built is the Markov chain.

To put it in words from the world of betting, it means that any match is individual. AND? for example, the result of the current meeting Spartak - Zenit will not depend at all on the matches that the teams played two or three years ago. It is necessary to consider only the current state of affairs - form, motivation, compositions, weather, and so on. For the analysis, only the teams' fights over the last two or three weeks or a calendar month are important. The financial mathematics of a player will only show a tendency for the bank to grow if the Markov system is correctly implemented - see 22 bet app for reference.

Bayesian Probability

Two centuries ago, Tom Bayes developed a theory that is relevant for betters to this day. The Bayesian principle states that new circumstances affect the likelihood of a particular outcome. It can be written as a formula.

For example, are you wondering how the weather affects the odds for a fight with your favorite club? Again, the math in betting will help us, namely the theory created by Bayes. The bookmaker estimates the chances of your favorites winning with a probability of 60%. It rained in 20% of your team's victories, and the average probability of rainfall during fights was 25%. Let's calculate: P (X / Y) = (60 * 25) / 20 = 75%

Mathematics in betting, and in particular financial mathematics, is the basis of betting, and this should always be remembered, even if you have a prolonged black streak. Know - the distance will smooth out the variance, and your skill will come first. And to increase the chances of success, the Monte Carlo method, Markov chain and Bayesian probability will help in 22 bet download .

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