Link building tools help build communication with the audience and influence the development of the product as a whole.


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Link building is an integral part of a marketing strategy

Links from one resource to another are essentially recommendations and signal to search engines that the content published on the resource is useful and interesting to the user. And the more this resource is recommended by other high-quality and trust sites, the more confidence in it not only among the search engine, but also among users - this is how one of the best link building book explains it.

What a link builder does

Ever since Larry Page came up with the PageRank algorithm for Google in 1998 and links became an important ranking factor, one of the main tasks of SEO specialists has been working with link mass.

PageRank is based on the idea that the more links lead to a site, the more authoritative it is. It is not surprising that soon after the start of the algorithm, the term "link building" appeared - work on building a link mass and extracting inbound links to a site.

Link building is a recommended skill for junior professionals looking to advance in the profession. For SEO specialists of the middle level and above, this is a mandatory skill: they do not engage in link building manually, but must know all the nuances in order to draw up a technical specification and control its implementation. It is especially important to understand the nuances of link building for those who promote projects on Google.

During its existence, link building has transformed into a separate direction of SEO - the profession of a link builder has also appeared.

A link builder is a narrow-profile specialist who is engaged in external website promotion and search for sites to post links to it.

Link builder searches for sites and blogs to post articles, knows how to get crowd links, how to work with exchanges - these and other operational tasks take a lot of time. Therefore, if possible, it is advisable for an SEO specialist not to do this himself, but to take a link builder to help with SEO eBooks.

Link building helps not only promote a website to the top search engines and get more organic traffic, but also increase brand awareness.