According to one version, the French Bulldog is the result of English selection. After the decree banning dog fighting at the beginning of the 19th century, the British became interested in cynology and enthusiastically engaged in breeding and improving local dog breeds. A century later, these pets were privately brought to France, were very fond of the local nobility and gradually dispersed to all parts of the state.


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How to take care of a French Bulldog

The entire muzzle of the French Bulldog is covered with folds: there are several of them on the nose, and they pass to the upper lip, which also hangs in a wide fold. The lower jaw protrudes slightly, but the teeth should not be visible when the mouth is closed. These animals are often overshot, and some puppies are born with a cleft soft palate.

The muzzle is short, slightly upturned. The nose is wide, the nostrils are wide open and directed upwards, and the back of the nose is short and wide. Therefore, the nose looks snub-nosed. Because of this feature, many animals breathe heavily, with frequent grunting, and can snore in their sleep.

The auricles of dogs of this breed are wide and high set. They are large and shaped like bat ears. Rounded at the ends and turned forward. The French Bulldog's eyes are large, round and protruding. Set wide and low. They are very expressive, look smart and friendly, it can be seen even in the photo (check this for instance french bulldog puppys).


The coat is short, thick, fine and smooth. It lies close to the body and has no undercoat. Therefore, the pet does not tolerate frost. But thanks to such features of the coat, the French Bulldog does not cause allergies.

The colors are very diverse: brindle, fawn, spotted, black and white. Unnatural, therefore do not belong to the standard, blue, chocolate, tricolor. The most common are French Bulldogs, white in color, sometimes with spots. Brindle, white with black spots (like those: ) are also popular. With any color, a dark mask on the muzzle is welcome.

When breeding dogs, puppies are sometimes born that do not meet the breed standard. Disadvantages in appearance do not allow them to participate in exhibitions or get a good pedigree. Because of them, such animals cannot be used in breeding. Although this does not prevent them from becoming favorite pets and companions of those who do not care whether a purebred dog or not.

Character and upbringing

The French Bulldog is a balanced, agile, intelligent and kind dog. She needs attention and affection. Animals are very sociable and loving. Friendly to all family members. They are very playful, but will never pester. The peculiarity of the character of the French Bulldog is that he feels the mood of the owner, if he is not ready to play, he will move away. But when he is upset about something, they will try to cheer and console him.

In relation to other pets, they can be aggressive or selfish. They are individualistic and very jealous. On the street, they can get into a fight with large dogs. They don't get along well with cats.