It can include the previous sentence, information about the entities and persons mentioned in the text, information about where on the web page the fragment is taken from.


How to improve the online translations Treble Red Media
According to developers from Google machine translation team, one promising way to improve the quality of translators is to strengthen the role of context.

Any translation professional will tell you that the more context or background information, the easier it is to process the text. It`s easy to check. When you learn a language and start reading books or watching movies in it, you understand some of the words just from the context, like does.

How does it work with the example of an online translator? The most obvious situation is that the system pays attention to the previous sentence when translating. At the very least, this solves the problem with pronouns. Given the context of the previous sentence, the translator chooses the correct gender for the subject or object. The basics of AI translation are explaned in Wiki.

Data collection

The addition of audio and video to the training array also helps to improve the quality of translation. Developers are now collecting data. For example, if you run the Speech-to-Text mode in the Google Translate application, you will receive a warning that the audio recording you have made will be sent to Google for processing. The company may store the transcript of the audio for a certain period of time in order to improve the "Translator".

The difficulty in handling audio recordings is that they often lack context. When people talk to each other, even through an interpreter, they also use other means of communication - for example, gesticulating. However, adding audio is still beneficial - the more data, the more accurate the translation.

Google Translate community

People also help to make services better. For example, Yandex has a linguistic expertise group that includes expert editors and translators. They feed texts into a machine learning sample.

Google invites users to become members of the Translator community to improve the quality of translations and add new languages. Community members review translations. Highly rated options from experts are shown with a special badge - you`ve probably seen it.

Everyone can contribute to the development of Google Translate. For example, you can click on the "Edit Translation" button and suggest your own version. It will be sent to the community members for review. If they vote for your version as correct, then it will become the main one in the translator.

To vote on translation options and add your own phrases, click on the Community button on the Google Translate home page. The system will prompt you to select two languages. After that, you can choose the correct options and make your online translator better.