The number of likes directly affects the life of your Instagram account. The more likes - the more popular your account is, which means the chance of being seen by advertisers increases.


How to get more likes on Instagram Treble Red Media
How to get more likes on Instagram

The same applies to those who do business on the site - a lot of likes means trust and brand loyalty.

Briefly about the main points

Accordingly, whichever way you choose to gain likes, first and foremost pay attention to the content you publish. Yes, services will increase your likes and help you bring your publication to the top, and other methods will attract subscribers. But it will all have a temporary effect if you don't pay attention to the quality of your posts.

And here we come to the rescue again, read our articles, promote your profile and collect your likes (or buy some 50 free likes as a first step).


Reels is a short video format (15-30 seconds) that Instagram launched globally in the summer of 2021. The social network also promised to promote the video format. So now Reels is the most effective way to promote an account for free. The social network gives Reels external reach. While storis and posts work for existing audiences (although posts also sometimes get into recommendations), Reels has more options. Getting a million views for an account with a couple thousand subscribers is realistic.

Another plus Reels has for promotion is the lifetime. Storis disappears after 24 hours, the post is displayed for a couple of days, and Reels "rotates" even after some time. Also, one video in Reels can "pull" the others: the social network sees that a particular video is of interest to the audience and shows the previously created ones.


Do not confuse this method with the same spam comments to everyone in a row. Popular, but meaningless, remains automatic commenting. With this method, there are situations in which "what a beautiful photo" appears under the mournful post with a candle, or there are comments off-topic. You shouldn't do that.

How to get subscribers on Instagram through comments:

  • Comment thoughtfully and to the point. Communicate in a friendly and honest way - try to make friends, not promote yourself.
  • Communicate in comments under personal account posts by regular users, bloggers and brands. A user with few followers is more likely to notice you and visit your page. Large bloggers and brands are unlikely to subscribe, but an interesting comment will be seen by other subscribers.


Promotion with the help of hashtags - a legal method of promotion, which is unlikely to give huge coverage, but some part of the audience will still attract. In Instagram, there is a separate search for hashtags and a subscription to them.

What hashtags to use for promotion:

  • Thematic, which are relevant to your field, and localized, if you are tied to a territory.
  • The theme of the hashtag should coincide with the theme of the post and photo, so that Instagram better understands what your post is about and shows it to the right audience.
  • Do not choose high-frequency hashtags of 500,000 or more. The more often a hashtag is used, the less likely your post will be seen.
  • Check that hashtags are up to date. If they were last used two years ago, they don't work.

How many hashtags? There is no single answer. Instagram allows you to add up to 30. But such a "canvas" does not always work. Irrelevant hashtags will reduce coverage and minimize the effect of relevant ones. So experiment and don't copy the same hashtags from post to post-this is inefficient. Also, the social network may think that you are a robot, and block the account.