Many soundbars are made in the form of devices that are located in front of the TV or hung under it on the wall. But there are also those on which you can put a TV. The choice of a soundbar of one form or another depends only on the conditions in which you will place the equipment.


Bose soundbar 700 vs 500 Treble Red Media
2022 Bose soundbar 700 vs 500 - chosing the best

The second is called broadband. The type of sound of the speakers can be determined by their appearance: if the system has several speakers and subs, then it is definitely broadband. The sound range of broadband models varies from 80 to 12000 Hz, and single-band models - from 16 to 30, from 200 to 500 and from 2000 to 30000 Hz. And one more "secret" as explained in this post the wider the soundbar, the more voluminous the sound will be.


If the device has a subwoofer, then it should be about twice as powerful as the soundbar in order to prevent the sound from sagging at maximum volume. For example, if the total output power of the speaker system is 300 watts, then 100 of them should come from the soundbar alone, and 200 from the subwoofer.

Is it better to choose a soundbar or a speaker system?

The speaker system consists of a set of wired or wireless speakers. The first are connected to the sound source through the audio input or USB port; the second - through wi-fi or bluetooth. These can be simple computer stereo speakers or expensive High-End and Hi-Fi acoustics. The cost of different models depends on their functionality: some of them have a screen, you can connect a microphone to perform karaoke. Such systems can be located in different ways: on shelves, on the floor, on the wall, and also built into the wall. Their disadvantages are that they take up a lot of space, if placed incorrectly, they do not transmit sound very well, and it is also difficult to fit into the interior.

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