If the track is electric, it is important to consider the power of the motor. In electrical appliances for the home, the range varies from 1 to 3.5 liters.


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2022 Best Treadmill Under $1000 - how to choose?

What technical parameters should be considered when choosing

The more, the higher the load the motor holds, the longer it will last. If the seller of a budget model indicates a value above 4 liters. s, this should raise doubts, because such motors are installed on expensive simulators for professional use.

Also, when choosing a simulator, it is worth considering:

  • Dimensions and weight. Before buying a device, measure the space allotted for it. For placement in a city apartment, a folding design is more suitable, but their dimensions also differ.
  • Frame frame. The base must be very strong in order to support not only the weight of the runner, but also the vibrations when moving on the simulator. As a rule, frameworks happen steel and aluminum. The former are stiffer, quieter and have a springy effect. The second ones are also strong, but not so springy.
  • Changing the angle of inclination. Most often this has to be done manually, but in more expensive devices it is possible to change the angle using the display due to the built-in lifting motor. The most modern devices assume automatic tilt change when a program is selected. It increases or decreases depending on the stage of training.
  • The presence of handrails. They serve not only for the sake of convenience, but also for safety. So, children and the elderly are not recommended to use devices without them.
  • Noise level. Mechanical devices are considered the most “sonorous”, electrical ones work almost silently. At the same time, a lot depends on the parameters of a particular model: high-quality mechanics can be much quieter than a cheap electrical appliance.
  • Control Panel. It can be simple or high tech. When choosing, it is worth evaluating the convenience of the location of the keys, reading information on the display, and the presence of backlighting.
  • Security key. It is fixed on the belt and helps to prevent injury. If the athlete falls, the key falls out of the socket, the simulator stops immediately.

The best manufacturers of Best Treadmill Under 00 in the home segment are Carbon (Germany/China), Winner/Oxygen (Taiwan/China), Clear Fit (France/China), Hasttings (England/China).

Be sure to consider the warranty period and whether there is a service center nearby. The guarantee must be given for the electric motor, deck, canvas, electronic stuffing.

Oxygen Laguna II ML withstands heavy weight

  • weight load - up to 130 kg;
  • 17 main programs;
  • body fat score.

Folding type electric treadmill is suitable for large people. The frame is made of a heavy-duty profile, thanks to which the device can withstand up to 130 kg. At the same time, it differs in compact parameters of the canvas - 120x40 cm. This is enough for training a person up to 185 cm tall, and the device itself will not take up much space in the apartment. There are 17 main training programs. There are additional options for measuring heart rate, time, "distance", as well as the "Hills" function, Body Fat assessment.

The display additionally shows calories burned, speed, which can develop up to 12 km / h. The maximum angle of inclination is 4 degrees, manually adjustable. The engine is powerful enough - 2 liters. With. The unit is equipped with built-in speakers. For convenience, there are compensators for flaws in the flooring, a glass stand, and a depreciation system. The unit weighs 61 kg, transportation is facilitated by special rollers (read also Treadmills on Wikipedia).

The owners praise the German build quality, the presence of a five-year warranty on the frame, motor and electronics. Note that the model is quiet and durable. There is no electric angle of inclination, there is a mechanical one. This is a little less efficient, but also cheaper.