To play the game in a certain mode, you must submit an application and wait for the automatic matchmaking for the next game.


League of Legends: about the Game Treble Red Media
Similar to game sports, League of Legends is played in separate parties (sessions).

Similar to game sports, League of Legends is played in separate parties (sessions). Selection is carried out taking into account the player's rating in the corresponding mode. A game session usually lasts 16-65 minutes, depending on the mode. How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends? Each game starts with a clean slate, that is, all players have the same lowest starting level, starting amount of resources.

The League of Legends player with his account is called the Summoner. Through the summoner interface, the player, before the start of the game, selects a champion (playable character), adjusts his characteristics using runes and chooses two additional skills common to all champions - summoner spells.

The goal of most game modes is to consistently destroy all enemy structures protecting the main building at the base of the team - the nexus. The team that destroyed the nexus wins, and the other team is defeated. Towers and inhibitors are located on the approaches to the nexus. As defensive structures, the towers fire at approaching enemy targets, giving priority to non-player characters - minions programmed to move along a certain line in the direction of the enemy nexus, etc., attacking champions in the last turn; inhibitors summon waves of minions. Finishing off minions, neutral monsters in the forest and destroying buildings brings the champion experience points that increase the champion's level, and gold needed to buy items that enhance his characteristics.

Each summoner has the ability to control only one champion (with some exceptions), but depending on the set of his skills, he can interact in a certain way with the characters of other players (heal, accelerate, improve characteristics, attack, etc.). One of the important goals and components of the game is killing enemy champions, for the first blood (first kill) of a champion in the game is given more gold than for a regular kill. If a champion dies, after a while he comes to life at his starting base. Unlike real-time strategies, the player cannot control minions, and modifications to buildings are not provided.

By default, the movement of the champion in the game is controlled by the mouse, and the use of skills and items is by keyboard keys.